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Why should I get in Shape?

Why Should I Get in Shape?

If you consider cleaning your house once a week to be exercise, perhaps it’s time to hire a maid and spend that time playing tennis or basketball with your buddies. There are several benefits to getting in shape. Not only will you be healthier and feel better, but you gain confidence when you are fit. If you are struggling to find the motivation needed to get in shape, we share with you excellent 4 reasons why exercising will benefit you.

Sleep Better at Night

When you sleep well at night, you have the energy to tackle every day with zest. If you aren’t receiving adequate sleep, you may feel sluggish and not have the pep you need. According to researchers and doctors, getting regular aerobic exercise may help improve the quality of your sleep. So if you’re wishing for more zzz’s, it’s time to dust off your old mountain bike, grab your running shoes, and visit the forgotten treadmill in your basement.

Stay Healthy When Everyone Else is Sick

The next time all your family and coworkers are out sick with the flu you can thank your gym membership. Staying in shape naturally boosts your immune system so your body can kick out the bugs and the flu while you’re kicking away at Taekwondo. Just don’t overdo it, as too much exercise can leave you feeling exhausted, which can actually increase your chances of catching something.

Feel Confident With Your Body

If you’re feeling tired of sucking in your gut every time your attractive coworker walks by, or wishing you had killer legs like your best friend, getting in shape can help you. With proper nutrition and a safe and responsible workout program, you could transform your body. Consider a personal trainer or joining a community swimming or yoga class. Remember—getting in shape doesn’t necessarily equal a beach body. Simply losing a few extra pounds, or toning up a bit can go a long ways into helping you feel healthier and more confident.

Your Brain Will Be Sharp as a Tack

When you exercise you are receiving an increase in blood flow to your brain. This not only makes you more alert and awake, but it also possibly wards off dementia and other cognitive declines that can happen with old age. Exercising also fuels the production of new brain cells which are highly involved in learning and memory. Who would have thought that a Zumba class could keep your brain sharp?

There are many ways to exercise—a sweat session at the gym isn’t the only way to get in shape. For more creative ideas on how you can become more physically fit, contact us at Health & Wellmobile.


Description: Feeling unmotivated to exercise? At Health & Wellmobile we list 4 incredible benefits to getting in shape. Read to find out how you can transform your life.

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