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AMD/ Low Vision Awareness

AMD is the acronym that stands for age-regulated macular degeneration.  AMD is a condition that may occur as we get older and the retina(s) become worn out and damaged causing the sight to decline.  This declination may occur so slowly that it off-sets proactive concern.  Hence, low vision becomes the result of time and degradation.

Low vision explained is the loss of eyesight and is caused by eye diseases such as AMD and glaucoma, among many others; reference www.preventblindness.org.  Imaginably, low vision may also be caused by trauma to the eye(s).  Low vision makes simple tasks such as driving and reading very challenging– and can make familiar places not so familiar.  If low vision is left untreated properly, blindness is the projected outcome.  Unfortunately, low vision can still occur even with corrective lenses and procedures.  However, low vision can be effectively managed through several ways with majority of them centering on going to an eye care professional regularly throughout one’s lifetime.  Progressive vision difficulty in any normal day tasks is a strong sign that low vision may be of concern and should be followed-up with immediate attention.

To locate an ophthalmologist/ optometrist in your area reference www.preventblindness.org.

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