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Your Brain Is Important: Handle With Care!

Do your children play sports? Ride bikes? Wear helmets? Have safe and sturdy car seats? It is not completely possible to protect children from every bump or bruise, but head and brain injuries are serious and can be prevented.

 Head trauma represents 80% of the injuries leading to death in children older than one year in the United States. Most pediatric head trauma occurs due to motor vehicle accidents, falls, recreational activities, and abuse. The Diagnostic Imaging Center P.A.’s Health & Wellmobile takes brain injury seriously and is passionate about educating and preventing brain injury both our local Kansas City and larger national communities.

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is once again spearheading an awareness campaign this March. This campaign helps to empower those who survive brain injuries and helps promote support for those with injuries. Read on to find out what you can do, and where help can be found should it be needed.

More information can be found here: www.biausa.org

Local Support

There are several local businesses and organizations that can provide a helping hand in educating, preventing and assessing brain injuries. All of these businesses are sponsors of the Diagnostic Imaging Center P.A.’s Health and Wellmobile.

Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A.
Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A. is a premier diagnostic and screening medical provider. They provide complete full-service outpatient imaging services. After an initial visit with a primary care physician, their radiologists and technologists can inform and assess a brain injury with the use of a variety of modalities, including CTs, MRIs. Their team of radiologists includes the neuroradiology specialty, which examines the nervous system – especially what’s inside the head!

Visit Diagnostic Imaging Center’s Website here: www.dic-kc.com

Student Athlete Foundation of Kansas City (SAFEKC)
SAFEKC strives to provide full-time athletic training services to both schools and youth organizations in the greater Kansas City area. Their mission is to provide certified athletic trainers to student athletes in order to ensure safe participation in youth sports. The Student Athlete Foundation of Kansas City provides:

• ImPACT concussion screenings & concussion management services
• Free Saturday injury clinics
• Full-time coverage of all practices and home games at all levels

Visit the SAFEKC website here: http://safekc.org

McCarthy Auto Group
Recently the McCarthy Auto Group teamed up with Riddell to sponsor a contest geared towards the education and prevention of concussions in football. Schools in the Shawnee Mission school district were asked to write a 100 word essay explaining how their school would benefit from having Riddell’s Insight Technology. This technology is placed in Riddell’s Speed helmet and monitors player impact. Schools can use this technology as a teaching tool to know how many impacts are taking place and where it is happening.
Olathe East and Van Horn were the two schools who won the contest. The helmets helped stop one player from leading head-first into tackles. Information like this can help change player habits and prevent future incidents.

Visit the McCarthy Auto Group website here: www.mccarthyautogroup.com

The Health & Wellmobile takes brain injury seriously and wants to help educate the public about the risks and warning signs. Through these great partners, the Health & Wellmobile is empowered to get the word out in Kansas City!



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