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National Donate Life Month

There are several ways to make a difference in this world. We should all want to be part of the reason that lives are made better, happier, and healthier. Those of us in the healthcare industry know the importance of offering medical treatment to those who cannot survive without it. It is also important for all of us to provide the healthcare needs that some people do not have access to: organ, tissue, and eye transplants.

Donate Life is a national organization keen on enlisting individuals to offer up non-vital organs while they are still alive and vital organs after they pass away. These donations can save the lives of the many individuals currently on waiting lists for replacement organs. Without these replacements, many of these people will not survive. Their lives are dependent on what you can give if you choose to be an organ donor.

Organ donation is a process by which a person who has consented to giving away an organ after they pass away can give their eyes, kidneys, pancreas, liver, lungs, heart, and other vital organs to a person in vital need of a transplant. There are hundreds of thousands of people in our country who are currently seeking the life-saving opportunity to have an organ donated to them. If you sign on to be a donor, then doctors will be able to add your organs to a transplant list. Doctors will make every effort to save a person’s life before they pass away, and only after all brain activity ceases will a person’s organs be donated. There are also tissues such as skin, bones, and the valves inside hearts that can be donated to help those in serious need.

However, there are various life-saving donations that can be made while you are still alive. You could donate a kidney, a portion of your liver, lung, or intestines to another person in need.

Healthcare professionals who are participating in Donate Life in Kansas City are partnering with this organization to accept organ, eye, and tissue donations, and to sign people up to become donors. Partners with Donate Life are informing individuals about the need for donors in America and the possibilities for saving lives.

Every healthy individual has the chance to help someone in need. When we all go in for regular screenings for health and wellness in Kansas City, we have the chance to step forward and let those who are seriously ill know that there is a possibility for help and hope in a vital donation. This April is Donate Life Month, a month in which you can take part in the movement to help save lives.

Donate Life

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