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National Immunization Awareness Month Is Here

Immunization is one of the more popular health and wellness topics lately. Current events like

measles outbreaks in public parks have led to heightened controversy over the issue of

immunizing versus not immunizing, particularly children. Such outbreaks seem to make their

own argument for the benefits of immunizing. Since it’s National Immunization Awareness

Month, here are some points to consider.

Disease Prevention

Vaccination is a proven method for preventing disease and the spread of sickness. Staying up to

date on shots is one of the most effective ways to keep family members and friends safe and

protected from diseases out there. Immunizations do not cause sickness. If someone gets the flu

soon after being vaccinated, it is most likely that they developed a rare strain of the flu that was

not yet accounted for in the most recent flu vaccination. That is why it is important to get the flu

vaccination every year. It changes and needs updating.

Babies and Children

It is especially important for babies and children to receive vaccinations against illness. Their

immune systems are still developing and require an extra layer of protection. Doctors

recommend vaccination in nearly all cases, except in rare cases of medical necessity. Families

with babies and children should consult pediatricians about when and how to vaccinate babies.

Even babies younger than 12 months can and should receive the flu vaccination. Some

vaccinations are not appropriate until later, so again, parents and families should speak to their


For those who are skeptical, they should be straightforward with their doctors when asking about

the benefits of vaccinating versus not. It is appropriate to ask for studies, statistics, and other

health information.


Vaccination is equally important for teens, adults, and especially pregnant women. Vaccinations

are customized toward each demographic and their specific needs. When people are not sure

whether their vaccinations are up to date, it’s time to see the doctor. Everyone should keep track

of their immunization records. It is just as important for a person’s individual health as it is for

everyone who comes in contact with that person.

Raising Awareness

There are many things people can do to increase awareness about the importance and the benefits

of vaccination. It is easy to spread the word by simply talking to family members, friends, and

neighbors about the facts. People in the community who write newsletters or participate in other

groups, such as religious or community events, can publish immunization information and

distribute it to the community that way.

There are also plenty of ways to spread awareness online, through social media and sharing of

posts and facts through tweeting, pinning, and more. A great wealth of information is free and it

is easy for anyone to share. Immunization is an essential factor in the health and wellness of

every member of the community and the nation, and it is everyone’s responsibility to be

informed and current in their vaccinations.

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