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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence is something that harms more people in this country than most people realize. Every year the numbers rise, and that is only the numbers of cases of violence that actually get reported. The Health & Wellmobile wants people to know that the best way to solve issues of this magnitude is to spread awareness of them. That is why they are so invested in making National Domestic Violence Awareness Month a success.  Help can be given in the following ways:

  • Volunteering time: There is a lot to be done to make awareness more widely spread. Finding the local organizations that are helping with these issues is a good place to start.
  • Hosting events: Carnivals, bake sales, symposiums, and other such events are all examples of events that can be held to help spread awareness of this ever-present issue. Finding ways to host events of this nature can do a lot to further the cause.
  • Getting educated: The more people know about this issue, the more they will be ready to help in meaningful ways. There are many books, lectures, and even classes held that center around the topics of surviving, ending, and preventing domestic violence.
  • Knowing the signs: This will come a lot faster to those who work to educate themselves. There are some classic warning signs that abuse is happening in the home. Bruising, flakiness with social events, quitting fulfilling activities, dressing differently, or being injured on a regular basis can all be signs that something is amiss in a relationship. Knowing the signs will be a good step to helping the abuse stop.
  • Attend events: One of the best ways to help spread awareness this month will be to learn about the events being held and attend them. Spreading the news of such events and getting there to support those who put them together will help to further the progress being made to bring more support to domestic violence victims.
Domestic Violence 3d Words On A Purple Ribbon To Raise Awareness Against The Problem Of Family Or Spousal Abuse In The Home

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