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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is this October, and it is an opportunity for people all across the country to wear their pink ribbons, support companies that are donating a portion of their proceeds to breast cancer research, and show their sympathy to those that are struggling with this deadly disease.

However, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is about more than just wearing pink and supporting those that do. In fact, this tradition has its roots in a few distinct purposes, all of which are part of the united cause of saving lives.

To Educate the Public

First and foremost, breast cancer awareness is about spreading awareness of the severity of breast cancer, how common it is, and what the signs are. It teaches men, women, and children about this disease and encourages the entire nation to take steps to solve this problem. One way is by donating to reputable institutions such as the American Cancer Society. Another is by protecting oneself and sharing the word about how others can protect themselves from breast cancer.

To Encourage Preventive Checkups

Checkups are essential to catching problems like cancerous masses early. Mammograms and other breast exams can catch cancer early and potentially save lives. While some people cannot afford these treatments–even if they have insurance–there are organizations such as Health & Wellmobile that are offering affordable health screenings to the general public in hopes of saving lives.

To Connect Families and Friends

The third important reason behind National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to connect those that are suffering from the disease–showing them that they are not fighting alone. It connects friends and family to resources and teaches people how to best help those that are currently fighting breast cancer. Most of all, it shows that the entire country is connected over the cause of someday finding a cure to breast cancer and all other forms of cancer.

Those who want to learn more about how to get involved in your community can connect with Health & Wellmobile for health screenings, valuable information, and access to a variety of other helpful resources.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Background

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