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Health & Wellmobile Celebrates One Year Anniversary

By Elizabeth Kelley
As we settle into fall, it’s always nice to take a deep breath, slow down and reflect on the gifts of the last year. The Diagnostic Imaging Centers P.A. Health & Wellmobile is proud to have celebrated our one year anniversary over Labor Day weekend. It seems unreal that just over a year ago, we provided our first Diagnostic Imaging Centers P.A. Health & Wellmobile event stop. We are blessed to be able to continue our program for 2016 bigger and better than the year before. As we look back over the past year, we thought it appropriate to share some of the milestones along the way.

Since September of 2014, the Diagnostic Imaging Centers P.A. Health & Wellmobile has participated in over 450 community events, running races, employer and local church health fairs, and non-for-profit events. By the end of 2015, we estimate we will have participated in just under 550 events in the Kansas City Metro area, being in front of nearly 1.4 million consumers.

By December 2015, the Diagnostic Imaging Centers P.A. Health & Wellmobile will have provided free and low cost health screenings to over 6,000 area consumers. In addition, the program will have served over 1,000 employees at local businesses with free and low cost health screenings and scans, and that number just continues to grow.

Our list of services continues to grow to an impressive level as well. In general, the Diagnostic Imaging Centers P.A. Health & Wellmobile has reached 80% insured consumers, while making significant strides to reach the underinsured and uninsured through partnerships with the Kansas City Black Health Care Coalition, National Council of La Raza, The Kansas City Urban League and several other local non-for-profit organizations. We are very excited for our growth in this area in 2016.


The Diagnostic Imaging Centers P.A. Health & Wellmobile, through numerous community event partnerships, has garnered access to large and medium size community events, allowing us to reach a vast majority of the Kansas City Metro Area. In addition, we’ve been very blessed, through our media partners, to have received just over 1.2 million dollars in marketing support on radio, television and print, branding our program, our partner sponsors, our services and our website, making it easy for consumers to understand who we are, the services we provide and where to visit our tour stops. Our website, www.healthwellmobile.com, by year’s end, will have received over 90,000 unique visitors, and our social media outlets are growing rapidly, with over 1,500 Twitter followers, and over 1,000 Facebook Likes.

So what’s next you ask? As we head into 2016, we are very excited to announce more services and several more partner sponsors, thus allowing us to reach more consumers. We are also hopeful to be adding a second vehicle that will allow us to reach even more of our community.

With the successful launch of the Kansas City market, The Diagnostic Imaging Centers P.A. Health & Wellmobile program is now ready to expand into local markets all across the United Stated, with surrounding markets such as Topeka, Wichita, Omaha and Nashville on the short list. The goal is to bring Health and Wellness to local communities all across the country, educating consumers about living healthy, early detection, while providing free and low cost health screenings and services daily. The Health & Wellmobile program also serves as a massive health and wellness website portal in the communities it serves, providing a place for businesses and non-for-profits to share their Health & Wellness products and services to consumers.

Through continual collaboration and partnership, the Health & Wellmobile is a tool that brings all things health and wellness to the community in one place. Through ongoing radio, print and online promotion of its services (and hopefully TV soon), great partners and education, the Health & Wellmobile is a powerful force in the communities it serves.

In the end, our dream and mission is to motivate consumers to proactively take charge of their health and overall wellness in partnership with local businesses, charities, and schools.

To find a Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A. Health & Wellmobile tour stop in the Kansas City Metro market or to learn more about partner sponsorship, email us at info@healthwellmobile.com or call 816.839.4934.

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