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Read and learn about how you can get involved in a World AIDS Day activity

Ever since the epidemic became known in the world about three to four decades ago, AIDS has continued to affect the society in a great way. In fact, it has been said that one is either infected or affected by this disease.

As a result, every year the world comes together to fight the epidemic and also celebrate the strides it has taken to fight AIDS. World AIDS day is observed every year on 1st December. There are several events always associated with World AIDS Day. Most of these events help to spread HIV/ AIDS awareness around the world. AIDS cannot get won by one nation, but the world as a whole. The events always aim at having a society free of AIDS. World AIDS day event across the globe also help to show support for people living with HIV and Health and Wellmobile wants you to participate in any way you can too.</p>

World AIDS Day Activities

Countless concerts around the world take place on this day. Different organizations hold concerts aimed at educating the general public about HIV/AIDS and how one can prevent them from contracting the virus. For those living with the virus, these events educate them on ways of living positively.

World AIDS Day is a day for screening and free testing of the virus. It’s an event aimed at measuring the strides made in the fight against AIDS. During the upcoming World AIDS Day, we would request you to take part in the events surrounding the free testing and screening to help know the statistics that will help us know the progress made in the fight against AIDS.

Another event that happens is the wearing of the red ribbons. Once we wear the ribbon, the aim is to raise AIDS awareness among the people we interact with. It’s also a way of celebrating and remembering the people who have died as a result of the epidemic, and also showing support for people living with AIDS. It also helps to fight the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

The Close the Gap event aims at empowering and enables people around the world to access the services they might need. Since the world aims at having an HIV/AIDS-free generation, the event dubbed “close the gap” aims at encouraging people to get to know their status. Currently, we have more than 19-million people who are not aware of their status. The event also helps those living with AIDS to get access to the medication they need

 Additional Events and Activities

In some countries around the globe, we have witnessed a competition like having a red run. A run is an event that aims at raising the awareness of AIDS. The registration of the participants for the event helps raise funds for helping society fight the scourge. An individual can become involved in this event by registering for the run. In some countries, World AIDS Day is celebrated by having people planting trees as a way of honoring the people who have died, and also giving hope to those living with HIV/AIDS. In the upcoming World AIDS Day, we would request that each one of us to take part and get involved in planting a tree.

World AIDS Day

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