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Raise Children’s Oral Health Awareness in February

For those who want a healthy Kansas City, it is important to note that February has been named National Children’s Dental Health Month. This is an annual event by the American Dental Association (ADA) in an effort to promote better dental health for children all over the country. The following is a list of reasons this is such a priority for those concerned about the level of health in this country.

Oral Hygiene Affect All Aspects of Health

Protecting the health of the children in this country has to include a well-rounded lifestyle of healthy habits. One of the biggest good habits for children to learn and maintain is proper oral hygiene. Dental health can affect every facet of health. Respiratory and heart conditions have been linked to the buildup of bacteria in dental cavities. Gum disease can harm the digestive system and can lead to infections spreading throughout the body. Raising healthy Kansas City children requires good dental habits.

Sugar Addiction Is Real

There is a major sugar addiction problem in this country, as evidenced by the obesity epidemic. Another nasty side effect of this reliance on such a prominent product is that it is terrible for teeth. This is such a concern for the ADA that the organization’s theme for this year’s National Children’s Dental Health Month is ‘Sugar Wars’. Fun characters have been created to teach children about the dangers of uncontrolled sugar consumption.

Lack of Awareness of the Problem

While many children have great oral health, there is a huge problem in many areas of the country. This is especially true in areas where lower socioeconomic families reside. Children in these areas have a lower chance of getting the right education and the right supplies to forge these good oral habits. The efforts of this month can help to provide these needed services at local clinics and schools.


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