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Teen Dating Violence month

Studies have shown that more than 10% of dating teens have reported being physically abused. It is a problem that is getting bigger every year. For this reason, February has been named National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. As an effort to improve Kansas City wellness, this is an event that many clinics are eager to participate in. The following is a list of ways others can help to support these efforts and eradicate this sad statistic:

Encourage Parents to Talk to Teens

Kansas City wellness clinics can do a lot, but there is nothing they can do that will replace the need for parents to be involved in their child’s life. When parents take the time to communicate with their children about appropriate dating standards and offer advice on how to handle violence issues, a lot of the trouble could stop. Encouraging adults to open the lines of communication and talk about these sensitive issues can help.

Spread Awareness of Resources

With this issue becoming more and more prevalent every year, many different resources have been put in place to help those caught up in this situation. Many of these resources, however, are underused as teens are not aware of them. Raising awareness of clinics and hotlines that deal with teen dating violence can help teens to get the help they need.

Share Personal Stories

Sometimes the most compelling call for change has to come from those who have been victimized. This is not easy to do as the situation is so personal and so sensitive. When victims share their stories, they can help others feel understood. These stories create a stronger and more urgent pull to initiate changes.

Sign Appropriate Petitions

There are some out there who are working to enact legislation that would better serve those in need, and put forth stronger punishments for the abusers. This is a great time to seek out these measures and support the petitions.

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