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Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness month, an annual event established in 1987 by NCADD (National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence). It is meant to remove the stigma around alcoholism and raise awareness of alcohol, alcoholism, and its effects on individuals, families, and communities.  Every April, NCADD affiliates use events, media strategies, programs, and awareness campaigns to raise awareness of the nation’s number one health problem.The theme for 2016 is “Talk early, talk often: parents can make a difference in teen alcohol use.”


Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive disease that is genetically predisposed and it can have fatal consequences if not treated properly and early on. That said, people can and do recover from alcoholism. AAM (Alcohol Awareness month) aims to shine light on the rigorous process of recovery and the daily struggle of individuals and families living in recovery.


One of the most crucial parts of AAM is alcohol free weekend. It takes place the first week of April and attempts to challenge individuals and families to consume absolutely no alcohol for the three day span. They urge anyone who feels discomfort or difficulty during this weekend to get in contact with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon, or NCADD affiliates and get more information about alcoholism and seek help if they are showing signs of struggling with an alcohol dependency.


Alcoholism is a big problem in today’s society but we can all fight to make a difference. You can help by encouraging family and friends, as well as yourself, to limit the amount of alcoholic drinks consumed in a night and to keep track of how many drinks they’ve had. If you feel like a friend or family member is abusing alcohol, you should encourage them to seek help or tell someone who can aid them in getting the help they need.

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