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Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month (GEHFH), a month that is designated to shine light on the importance of health and fitness in the workplace. This month-long event was founded in 1989 by The National Association for Fitness and Health and is meant to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through activities and healthy environments to employers and their employees. Originally having started out as just one day in May, GEHFH was extended to take up the entire month because healthy choices take longer than just one day to form into habits.

Throughout the month of May, employers are encouraged to motivate their employees to work healthy habits into their everyday work week. Employees will be challenged to form Healthy Groups, have Healthy Moments, and develop a Culminating Project. Participants will also be able to log their activities on the GEHFH website so that the entire workplace can track progress and share their triumphs as well as promote individual and group activities and accomplishments. This month is known to inspire people to demand a choice to work in a more health-oriented workplace. Such as standing work stations and more breaks during to work day so that they can get up and moving.

There is a list of activities and challenges on the GEHFH website that you can join if you choose to participate in this action-packed month. These include 5k runs, nutrition classes, and Bike To Work week. These challenges are meant to light a fire in the hearts of those who want to live a healthier, more active lifestyle and feel good even in a workplace setting. It is important that you take ownership of your own body because it takes one person at a time to make a change in the health of our country.

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