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Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization Awareness Month is an annual occurrence in which the importance of vaccinations is the main focus and the primary goal is to encourage people to get caught up on the vaccines recommended for their age group. Each week in this month is set aside to highlight the importance of vaccinations for a different group of people. First week is adults, then comes pregnant women, followed by babies and young children, and ending with preteens and teenagers. Communities come together this month to raise awareness and highlight the importance of timely vaccinations to defend against serious and even sometimes deadly diseases.


Making sure that your kids and your own vaccinations are up-to-date is especially important with back-to-school approaching quickly. With so many children congregated into such a small space it is crucial to take the steps to protect yourself as well as your family. In this day and age, vaccinations are the best defense against a lot of diseases still present in today’s society that can threaten your family. These include measles, whooping cough, and mumps which are all vaccine-preventable diseases. The occurrences of these diseases has significantly decreased since the introduction of vaccines into our modern society.


A great way to get involved in this month is to start by taking your kids as well as yourself in to get caught up with your vaccinations. You can also share this month and the cause it promotes through word-of-mouth and on social media platforms. Not only will this help people protect themselves but also protect those who are too young to receive those vaccines directly. Herd-immunity is very important for very young babies and can be the choice between them becoming very sick or remaining healthy. It all starts with you and whether or not you choose to get vaccinated.

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