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Psoriasis Awareness Month

August brings Psoriasis Awareness Month, a month to empower and encourage the seven million Americans that suffer from the Psoriatic disease. Throughout the month, the National Psoriasis Foundation provides people with information on how to treat and manage psoriasis and how to live a full, happy life even if you are suffering from this disease. This month is meant to spread awareness about psoriasis and the knowledge that it is not a contagious or dangerous disease but rather just a nuisance for the person who has it.


A lot of people are quite shocked by the way that psoriasis looks and often try to avoid contact with the person suffering from it. This is usually due to a general lack of education about what psoriasis is. Psoriasis is a scaly rash that forms on the skin. It is thought to be an immune system problem and is often caused by stress, cold and infections. The rash can also include the nails and joints of the person suffering from psoriasis. Topical ointments and creams are the primary treatment plan for psoriasis and are meant to remove the scaly patches of skin and encourage new, healthy cell growth.


Getting involved in Psoriasis Awareness Month is very easy. Social media is a great platform to let people know about Psoriasis Awareness Month and encourage them to seek information about it. In addition, if you or someone you love is affected by psoriasis, you can share your story on social media or on the website for the NPF. You can also get involved in your community by starting a fundraiser to raise money or a community outreach event to raise awareness. People who suffer from psoriasis shouldn’t be treated any differently than the rest of us. We can all band together to make a difference and bridge the gap.

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