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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is childhood cancer awareness month, a time to raise awareness of the struggle and turmoil many children fighting cancer face daily. Research groups, caregivers, charities, and families of children fighting cancer band together to get the word out about these strong children and the daily struggle that they face. The goal is to let people know about the types of cancer that affect children, raise awareness, and, most importantly, raise money to aid research and help fund family support. This month is important because oftentimes people don’t want to think of something so sad as childhood cancer but it is important to recognize what a very real disease it is and that it affects real people.

Over 15,000 children get diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States alone and an approximated 25% of those children will not survive this disease. This disease wreaks havoc on families and often leaves a hole in them that cannot be filled. Leukemia is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in children taking up a whopping 30% of diagnosed cases. Every day 43 children are diagnosed with cancer and, despite major advances in research, the survival rate of rare cancers is still quite low. For some of the more common cancers the survival rate has gone from a mere 10% to an impressive 90% of cases.

You can participate in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by spreading the word through social media using the hashtag #gogold which represents the gold ribbon that shows support of child cancer patients. You can also donate to charities and research groups to help aid the advancement of scientific research and help to find a cure.You can also start an event or a fundraiser in your city to get even more donations and get the word out even more. Even doing one thing this month for childhood cancer can help more than you think. Adults need to speak for these children who can’t speak for themselves.

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