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As the weather gets colder, people are more likely to contract influenza. This is because the influenza virus peaks in the winter time and it is the reason that December is the perfect time to educate people on the importance of vaccinating against this flu. National Influenza Vaccination week (NIVW) for 2016 is from December fourth to December tenth. NIVW was established in 2005 by the CDC to highlight the importance of getting your vaccinations during the holiday season and beyond.


Statistics have shown that very few people get their flu shots after the end of November. This means that they spend the majority of the winter season unprotected against influenza. This is not a dangerous situation in a lot of cases but for the very young, the very old, or those with a weak immune system, which can include pregnant women or people already fighting a disease, it can be a very real threat. Although someone who is not directly endangered by the flu may think that they do not need to get the flu shot, it is lucrative for the protection of others and to slow the spread of the virus that all, despite age and immune system strength, receive a flu shot. This is also known as herd-immunity and means that the healthy can protect the young or weak. This includes babies under six months of age who are too young to receive the influenza vaccination.


With the uprise of complications from the influenza virus, this week is very critical and informational part of December. It is crucial that people learn how important the influenza vaccination is not only for self-preservation but also for the protection of those around you. You can help further the cause by getting your influenza vaccination and urging your friends and family to do the same. You can also share the cause of this week by sharing with those around you and utilizing social media platforms. It takes every person to make sure that no one suffers the consequences of being unprotected.

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