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National Children’s Dental Health Month

National Children’s Dental Health Month, also known as NCDHM, is a month-long observance that is meant to raise awareness about the importance of dental health in children and youths. This month joins dental professionals, parents, teachers, and caregivers together to promote the benefits of good oral hygiene. The observance was established in 1981 and has been in place ever since and it has made a huge difference in the oral health of children around the nation.

Cavities is one of the most chronic conditions that affect children in the United States. If cavities go untreated they can get worse and can get to the point that it can cause speed impediments, difficulty eating, playing, or even learning. In some cases, if the tooth decay is left untreated for an extended amount of time, it can even cause death. Cavities in children have greatly decreased in the recent years due to more information provided about proper oral hygiene.

Some things that have changed in the dental care of children and youth are proper toothpaste, recommended cleaning, and other things such as sealants and treatments. Using a fluoride toothpaste on your children’s teeth will help protect them against decay. If your water is not fluoridated you may have to have a conversation with your dentist about getting drops or lozenges that will provide you with some protection. You should also make sure that your children brush their teeth morning and evening to ensure that they get off the plaque and leftover food.

To get involved in NCDHM you can schedule regular checkups for your children with their dentist to make sure that any cavities that they may get will be taken care of right away and won’t get to a dangerous point. You can even get sealants on their teeth to prevent tooth decay before it even starts. You can also share the cause of this month on social media to let other caregivers know about the cause.

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