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Mental Health Month

May is mental health month. This month was established in 1949 by Mental Health America and their affiliates and they continue to raise awareness nationwide of good mental health and the struggle of people who don’t have good mental health. The point of this month is to shine a light on the importance of good mental health, what to look for as warning signs of an unhealthy mental state, and how to take care of your mental health.

Mental health month for 2017 is gearing towards risky behavior which is one of the biggest and most obvious warning signs of bad mental health. Risky behavior is usually common behavior that is taken to an unhealthy extreme. These behaviors may include and extreme exercise regimen, substance abuse, extreme sexual behavior, and excessive spending. These are all things that can easily be brushed off as normal so if you suspect something is wrong you should pay very close attention.

One in five Americans will struggle with a mental health condition in their lifetime but many won’t seek help because of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and the like. The way that most people think of mental health conditions is that each of them are the same but this is not the case at all. Every mental health condition is a little different and affects each individual person differently. This month is to show that and spread a message of love, acceptance, and to remove the stigma around mental health conditions.

To get involved in this month, you can spread the message of the importance of caring for your mental health and implementing healthy practices into your daily life. You can also spread the message of acceptance, love, and understanding of people who suffer from mental health conditions through your daily life and on your social media platforms. We can all work together to close the gap!

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