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World Aids Day

Sometimes the unknown can intimidate or unsettle an individual, but feed them a bit of knowledge and they may feel different. Information can be a real difference between a positive and negative, especially when related to health topics. This December National Aids Trust (NAT) is working to remove that cloud of mystery surrounding HIV and AIDS, as well as to support the millions who have the virus.[3]

World Aids Day

NAT has developed Word AIDS Day, and encourages others to use this chance to “show solidarity with the millions of people living with HIV worldwide.”[3] Advocates can show their support to the organization by wearing a red HIV awareness ribbon on the day, which is December 1st.[3] Interested individuals are also encouraged to order a ribbon through The World AIDS day online shop, where they can either buy one, or many ribbons to help support the cause.[3]

Be in the Know

The mission behind World AIDS Day is to abolish the confusion that tends to come with the virus, because “knowing fact from myth helps reduce HIV-related stigma, improving the lives of people affected by HIV”.[4] One way the organization combats this stigma is by offering a very informative FAQ section, chock full of common myths and furthermore the debunking of those myths. Not only that, the organization also has a “Training and Learning” space on their site, dedicated to providing even more resources for everyone who wishes to use them.

HIV is one of the most destructive pandemics in history, and despite the virus only being identified in 1984, over 35 million have died from HIV or AIDS.[1]  Additionally, medicine has undergone many significant advances, but many are still unaware of the best methods in protecting themselves or others from HIV.[1] Some things that tend to follow such a destructive illness are stigma and discrimination, and many people with the virus have to live with these negative projections.[1] This in turn makes passing along the facts, donating time and money all the more crucial in fighting the prejudice and feeding education.[1]

Why it Matters

National Aids Trust has been raising funds that help launch several campaigns, with the goal of growing awareness on the cause.[5] Raising awareness will help fight the virus and prejudice against it in several ways:

  • Lowering HIV transmissions – The spread of facts about proper prevention methods will encourage more to utilize these methods.[3]
  • Support System – NAT has built a large online presence filled with slogans, statistics, pictures, hashtags and quotes all designed and encouraged to be shared to other social media platforms.[3]
  • Research – Donations will enable further investigation and scientific research dedicated to preventing and curing the virus.[3]

Word Aid’s Day is not just to be thought about on the one occasion however, it is meant to extend consciousness far beyond that.[5] Those affected by the virus are not just affected once a year, and it is imperative to continue passing along as many facts about the virus as possible. Not only that, a small donation of time or money here and there can mean all the difference, if a lot of people band together and do the same. #LetsEndIt.




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