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Child Abuse Awareness Month

April was first designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month by President Ronald Reagan in 1983.

Child abuse is an unfortunate event that happens every single day to children all around the world. Sadly, it is a situation that many times gets silenced due to difficult circumstances and can be a horrible problem to victims for years on end. April has been selected as the month to shine a spotlight on child abuse and what others can do to help prevent it. Concerned organizations have taken a stand and put together campaigns designed to raise awareness as well as help those affected find an outlet of support!

The Scary Truth

A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds.[1] To put that in a bigger scope, every year over 6.6 million children are reported to child protection agencies regarding abuse. [1] This is a very unfortunate circumstance that finds its way into many lives and a lot of effort must be dedicated towards prevention. It matters because there are several negative health impacts of child abuse that create troubling paths for the children that are forced to walk on them. Impacts include:

How to Help

Fortunately, there is an organization called: Prevent Child Abuse America that dedicates itself towards raising awareness on child abuse, outlets of support and enabling others to do and have the same. On top of that, the organization also raises money for programs that help children and families succeed, having helped over 100,000 families thus far! [3] They put together innovative events and programs that most can participate in, and for every dollar that is raised, 92 cents of that goes to children and families in need.[3]

Make Your Voice Heard

Those interested in donating their time towards the cause, can become a mentor! With the choice to mentor either a parent, or child, this option greatly aids the cause in many ways. Mentors can be a primary provider of:

Another avenue of support that interested people can offer is through advocating. People can advocate for children and families by contacting elected officials and informing them of their support in policies and programs that promote healthy child development and the prevention of abuse and neglect from those around them.[2] Not only that, advocates can also help spread the word about support programs designed to help children and families get through the hard times.

Every Penny Counts

Maybe you have a very busy schedule and can’t set aside the time to become an advocate or mentor. You can always donate! As said before, 92 cents of every dollar go towards programs that help children and families thrive![3]

There are many ways for concerned citizens to get out there and help fight child abuse. Being a mentor, advocate or donor of time and funds are all ways that would help the cause vastly! Thankfully there are organizations such as Prevent Child Abuse America that are paving the way for concerned folks, making it easier to find information, events and opportunities to dedicate some time and resources. Get out there and donate some time today!


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