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Donate Life Month

April is the month for spring showers, cleaning and new opportunities. In conjunction with new opportunities is Donate Life Month. For those who do not know: Donate Life Month was put together by the need for organ donations. More specifically, the national brand known as Donate Life America created the Donate Life Month campaign as a primary tool for inspiring people to donate their organs to those in need.

Organ Donation Matters

Most do not tend to think about internal organs and what happens to them after a person dies, or even how said organs could be of use while the person is alive. (Besides the basic functions of course). When in reality, these types of thoughts should be more prevalent in everyone’s minds. The reason for this is because at any given time, there are approximately 123,000 people in the U.S. who are waiting for an organ.[3] Not only that, one more person is added to the national waiting list every 12 minutes.[3]

These people desperately could use a kidney, liver, heart or other organ, and more than 6,500 people a year (21 a day) die before the organ ever becomes available.[3] It is the sad truth, but organ donors tend to be few and far in between. There is always more people in need of an organ transplant, than the giving souls who provide the organs.

How to Help

The Donate Life America organization strives to close the gap between those who need transplants, and the organs available for them. The organization hosts events, raises funds and helps to register donors and connect them to those who need them most. They have a website abundant with reference materials, promotional items, web banners, printable material and social media images designed to inform and spread the word about the need for organ donors!

Goodies and Events

On top of all that, Donate Life has some cool merchandise available in their online store. There are shirts, pins mugs and more available for anyone to purchase. Not only do these items give advocates an outlet for spreading the word, they also create a fun and memorable opportunity to donate money for the cause. Proceeds from these donations go towards Donate Life America programs!

Some events and observances that Donate Life America has made available for advocates include:

What it Means

There are many awesome opportunities to help spread the word about organ donation. Fundraisers, donation, events and sharing info are all wonderful ways to help the cause. Are you signed up to donate your organs if something happens to you? You can do so at the DMV when registering for a driver’s license. It is as simple as checking or unchecking a box on the application that can have some serious power over another person’s life! Who does it hurt if you agree to donate your organs upon death? No one. Take advantage of April, get out there and sign up to donate, or spread the word about donating right now!



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