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Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Most people spend a large chunk of their time in the work place, with the majority working 8-hour days. When working longer shifts, sometimes it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to work out and be physically healthy. Since this has become a larger issue, people have taken notice. Something needed to be done! Public health advocates all over have put together a yearly campaign, to spread awareness on the importance of health and fitness in the workplace.


Organizations such as Health.gov state that employee health begins with the employer. They alone have the power to ensure that their employees are living healthy and active lifestyles…within reason. Not only will employees be healthier in the long run…

  • They will be happier and more engaged with their work
  • Overall productivity will skyrocket
  • The organization will have clearer and healthier minds when evaluating and retaining top employees
  • Since not a ton of organizations are employing these values, those who engage in this program would be seen as “forward-thinking” and maybe even a “thought leader”.

It All Begins with a Pledge…

At the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity, their primary vision is: “that one day everyone will be physically active, and they will live, WORK, and place in environments that facilitate regular physical activity.” (Source: Health.gov) They then created the “CEO Pledge” to encourage executives to accept physical activity as an important component in employee health and performance, see the entire pledge here on Health.gov.

New Technology Aids in Campaign

MindBody has contributed monumentally in improving the wellness of people around the world. They have a cloud-based software that brings over, 54,000 wellness businesses in 130 countries to life! Not only that, their tech connects over 300,000 wellness practitioners with over 30 million people who desire to live healthier lives. (Source: National Association for Health and Fitness)

Communities of Inspiration

The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA) and The National Association for Health and Fitness (NAHF) have been busy in spreading the word to as many ears as they can. They both have created platforms filled with resources on the benefits of exercise in the work place! All these resources are user-friendly and made for sharing on social media, or directly to peers. Some interesting tidbits of information the NAHF uses when fighting for their cause:

  • Americans spend $3.4 trillion on healthcare each year, with 75% of the cost spent on chronic diseases that connect to lack of exercise, poor nutrition and stress.
  • Time and Access are the two major barriers that stand in an employee’s way, and as an executive or business owner it is their duty to aid in this barrier.

How do you feel about exercise being enabled throughout all work-spaces? Does your employer already practice these tactics? There seem to be many facts pointed towards the necessity of building a healthier and happier work-force. If you agree with this information as well, help spread awareness and give the knowledge a share!

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