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Men’s Health Month

While men and women are similar, they are also very different when it comes to health conditions felt by each. For this reason, doctors consider a person’s sex when examining them for potential health issues, as men are more prominent to certain things than women, and vice versa. To keep a handle on potential health risks that men may encounter, June has been designated as Men’s Health Month. This is the month where awareness is raised in the direction of men, so that they may understand potential health risks that they are more a privy to and how to lower those risks.


The Important Details


From the moment they are born until they are ripe with age, women have always been healthier than men, and men die about 5 years earlier than their female counter parts on average. (Source: WebMD) There are a several different health issues that men are more at-risk for than women, and according to WebMD, some of those issues are:


  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (Triple A)
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Lung Cancer
  • Depression
  • Diabetes


Therefore, it is important to utilize June to raise awareness about men’s health, and what steps they can take to make sure they are less at risk! One of the best ways to lower risk of health problems is to facilitate early detection by undergoing screenings, attending health fairs and keeping up-to date on important information on these illnesses.


Action Items


MensHealthMonth.org (MHM) is an organization that was created to help the cause and raise awareness about men’s health. They do this by creating and making available informational resources that are easy to understand and attain, that people can find, read and share. Whats more, they also simplify things by hosting public health screenings, holding fundraisers and events to raise money for research. Some of the resources and highlighters for the cause that they provide are:

  • Online Resource Center
  • Logos, posters & flyers
  • A guide to healthy lifestyle for men
  • Shirts, mugs, and blue-ribbon pins
  • Social Media Toolkit for sharing
  • Men’s Health Library

MHM makes it easy for advocates to raise awareness about men’s health. Another way they do this is by providing the public with a platform for creating fundraisers, planning mini health fairs, and buying and distributing Blue Ribbon pins. (The signature color for men’s health awareness.) (Source: MensHealthMonth.org) Having so many different outlets for support makes it very easy for interested individuals to get involved and aid in raising awareness to men everywhere.


In Summary


June is a month for highlighting men’s health risks that they’re more likely to get than women, and further demonstrating easy ways to prevent those risks. Unfortunately, men are on average in worse health and tend to succumb to illness easier than women do, but early detection and having the right health screenings at the right time can really go a long way in prevention! It is imperative for people to raise awareness on these risks and encourage men everywhere to stay on top of the issues and see a doctor regularly for check-ups. Help spread the word about men’s health by sharing this article today!

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