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National Safety Month

There are a lot of hazards in life that are overlooked, ignored or are simply unknown. Some things stick out a lot more than others and tend to be reoccurring issues. June is the month for recognizing leading causes of injury and death, since they are the most common and affect the most people. The National Safety Counsel (NSC) is an organization that works to raise awareness on these issues. Each week in the month of June focuses on a core issue that is easy to bypass but is affecting our wellbeing far more than any other and can almost always be avoided.


Week 1: Emergency Preparedness


Too often when an emergency arises, people will flutter in a panic and not know what to do. Sometimes it can be because the mind freezes or goes blank in these situations, or sometimes it can be because of lack of knowledge. The NSC encourages all workers to take safety drills seriously, and more often. (Source: Safety and Health Magazine) They recommend many different ways to prepare for an emergency in the work place:


  • Practice emergency drills and know how your employer wants you to respond
  • Know emergency reporting procedure
  • Memorize the location of important emergency items: fire alarms, extinguishers and escape routes


It is important to practice these techniques at home too. Since you do not have an employer to plan the proper procedures for you, you must get informed and work out a plan that works best for you and your roommates or family.


Week 2: Wellness


A lot of individuals forget to look inward and keep up on the maintenance that their body needs. Week 2 in National Health Month focuses on wellness. There are many small steps that a person can take to work on making health and wellness a priority, and they are:


  • Stay active
  • Utilize a wellness program if possible
  • Walk around at work
  • At least try to sleep 7 hours
  • Drink a lot of water

(Source: Safety and Health Magazine)


Just by being proactive in these simple steps, you will be much further along in your path to good health and wellness.


Week 3: Slips, Trips and Falls


It is all too easy to get caught up in something, not pay attention and hurt yourself by falling or tripping. Meeting a hard object after this happens can prove to be deadly! Therefore week 3 will concentrate on trips. According to the NSC chartbook, 660 workers died in 2014 after a fall from height, and 138 workers died from a fall on the same level. (Source: Safety and Health Magazine) It is very imperative to be aware of your surroundings, have an action plan when doing something dangerous, and pay attention!


Week 4: Driving


Unfortunately driving to and from work is one of the most dangerous things you can do, and most people do it every day. According to the 2017 edition of Injury Facts, more than 40,000 people were killed in transportation-related incidents back in 2016. (Source: Safety and Health Magazine) This is another issue that is prevalent because a lot of people fail to pay attention or stay alert for hazards. Safety and Health Magazine recommends these safe driving behaviors:


  • Driving sober
  • Not using your cell phone
  • Verifying everyone in the car is buckled
  • Be alert and pay attention to vehicle alerts and warnings




A lot of these major death tolls can be prevented by staying alert and up to date on policies and safety procedures. If these basic foundational issues can be maintained, then that is one giant step forward in avoiding these common hazards. Make sure to spread awareness on these safety issues, so that this knowledge flow can continue!

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