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Prostate Cancer Month

Understanding Prostate Cancer

A study conducted by the federal government indicates that every one out of seven men has a risk of developing prostate cancer during some point in their life. During 2012, up to three million men living in America had prostate cancer.

You will be happy to find out that unlike other forms of cancer, prostate cancer is highly treatable. One of the biggest reasons why so many men are living in misery due to prostate cancer is they often do not know about the early warning signs of this disease. It would be wise to educate yourself regarding the warning symptoms of prostate cancer. This step will enable you to treat the condition before it reaches an advanced stage.

People go through complex invasive surgeries and dangerous radiation treatments (often having side effects) when they find out about having prostate cancer at a later stage.

You can simply avoid prostate cancer overall by making certain lifestyle and dietary changes, essentially nipping the cancer in the bud. This is why the importance of identifying and knowing the causes of prostate cancer cannot be stressed enough.

Where is Your Prostate Located?

Males are the only gender who has a prostate in their bodies. It is located in front of the rectum under the bladder. The rectum surrounds the tube that carries semen and urine outside the body. The prostate gland is responsible for controlling urine (continence).

Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer has four stages. You can protect your prostate by consulting with a doctor as soon as you are able to see the warning signs that indicate this form of cancer.

Mentioned below are some warning signs that are highly indicative of prostate cancer.

1.         Difficulty While Urinating

Having difficulty while urinating, is the first telltale sign of cancer in the prostate. There are times when you think that there is no urine left while there will be others when you will feel like you need to rush. Stopping midstream more than usual and finding it difficult to stop excreting is also a good warning sign of prostate cancer. An extremely small tumor in the urethra can greatly affect with urination and ejaculation.

2.         Painful Urination

A person who has cancer in their prostate can feel tremendous pain when urinating due to the tumor surrounding his urethra. Tract infection in the urethra is also another reason for pain during urination. It would be wise to consult a doctor immediately whenever urinating seems painful.

3.         Blood in Urine

Although this is not an extremely common sign, there are some cases where visibility of blood during urination can be a cause of prostate cancer. This condition is called hematuria. Even a pinkish tint in your urine should be reason enough for you to go to the doctor immediately.

4.         Erectile Problems

This is an extremely sensitive matter that quite a lot of men do not feel comfortable consulting with others. However, you should prioritize your health. Consult a doctor to make sure that you are able to live a long and happy life.

Doctors might recommend you Kegel exercises that can have a great impact on your sex health and prostate.

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