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Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention (Saving a Suicidal Person’s Life)

People who consider suicide often do not ask for help as they have already decided in their mind. Getting freedom from pain is the main reason why people consider cutting ties with the world.  Recognizing some telltale signs and taking them seriously are a few ways to prevent suicide.

You might be afraid to ask a friend or a family member if they are considering suicide; however, keep in mind that bringing this topic up calmly and gently is extremely important and can be infinitely helpful in saving their lives.

Understanding Suicide To Prevent It

According to studies conducted by the World Health Organization, almost 1 million people commit suicide every year. It can be extremely puzzling to think why so many people would consider taking their own lives.

However, if you put yourself in a suicidal person’s shoes, you will learn that they see no better option than taking their own lives. You can think of it as a desperate attempt to find an escape from suffering.

There are quite a lot of people who do not think very highly of suicidal people. They believe that they are just using depression as a way to get attention. What most people do not know is that feelings of loneliness, isolation, and despair are the biggest culprits that lead people toward suicidal thoughts.

Another thing that everyone should know about suicidal people is the fact that they are extremely conflicted about ending their lives, but as they see no other way to end the pain, ending their life seems to be the only viable option.

Warning Signs of Suicide

Mentioned below are some tell-tale signs that are indicative of suicidal thoughts in people.

1.    Seeking Lethal Means

Suicidal people always try to seek access to dangerous items like knives, pills, guns, and other lethal objects.

2.    Talking About Suicide

A clear indicator of suicidal thoughts in people is that they often discuss the topic of death and not being born on a regular basis. Additionally, some people also drop subtle clues about taking their own life during unrelated conversations.

3.    Preoccupied With Death

A strange preoccupation with violence, dying and death are clear telltale signs of suicidal tendencies in people.

4.    Making Final Arrangements

Suicidal people often make arrangements for their family member, give away their prized possessions, and make a will whenever they are contemplating taking their life.

5.    Self Hatred and Self Loathing

Self-hate, feeling ashamed, guilty and worthless are among a few reasons why people consider ending their lives.

6.    A Sudden Sense of Calm

One of the most significant signs of suicidal people that quite a lot of people miss is that they often become happy and calm after an extended period of depression.  This is highly indicative of the fact that the person has finally decided to end it all.

7.    Withdrawing From Others

Suicidal people start isolating themselves socially and want to be left alone all the time.

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