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The Kansas City Health & Wellmobile Program, in partnership with McCarthy Auto Group, Lauren Wants to Know, Athletic Testing Solutions, Kansas City Health and Wellness Magazine, Preps KC, Kelley & Kelley Marketing, Little Joe Inc. and Mid America Coalition On Health Care brings health and wellness directly to local communities. The Health & Wellmobile program brings health and wellness to local communities, businesses and events in an effort to reach consumers with basic health screenings, services and education.  The Health & Wellmobile program and its services are available to everyone throughout the Kansas City Metro area.

The Health & Wellmobile was founded in 2002 in Peoria, IL by Elizabeth Elmore-Kelley while employed at a local radio group.  Elizabeth saw the need for the health and wellness industry to take their products and services to consumers rather than waiting on consumers to come to them.  At the same time, she recognized the desire for the general public to receive these services where they live, work and play.  The first “Wellmobile” was created to bring health and wellness out to the community in partnership with a local hospital and several other local medical partners.  In 2005, in Chicago, IL the second “Wellmobile” was launched in partnership with such companies as CVS Pharmacy, Bally Total Fitness, McDonalds, Vitamin Water and The American Lung Association.  In 2012, Elizabeth and her husband Brian, started their own marketing company called Little Joe Inc, and trademarked the concept now known as the “Health & Wellmobile”.  In June of 2014, a local radio group in Kansas City partnered with Little Joe Inc, to bring the Health & Wellmobile concept to Kansas City.  Thanks to the generous partnerships with Rawxies Healthy Treats, McCarthy Auto Group, Lauren Wants to Know, Athletic Testing Solutions, Kansas City Pediatrics, Kansas City Health and Wellness Magazine, Preps KC, Anthony PHC, Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture, MyCuratio and Mid America Coalition On Health Care, the Kansas City Health & Wellmobile made its first stop on Sept 3rd, 2014.

The Kansas City Health & Wellmobile has expanded its reach through partnerships with several local charities to promote and attend their events.  The Health & Wellmobile most recently has partnered with the Kansas City Ronald McDonald House, Relay for Life, Heroes for Hospice, several local Chamber events, and many, many local run races benefiting a number of local charities.  As the program continues to grow, building partnerships with local charities is a key area of service for the Health & Wellmobile, and they always welcome new partners.

Another area of focus for the Health & Wellmobile is local students and athletes. The Health & Wellmobile has successfully built partnerships with several local schools and colleges to provide low cost sports injury assessment and sports physicals.  The Health & Wellmobile has also appeared at several local youth sporting events such as baseball, soccer, wrestling, softball, track meets and volleyball.  Just as with partnerships with local businesses and charities, they are always looking to welcome new student and athlete organizations and school partnerships.

With the successful launch of the Kansas City market, The Health & Wellmobile program is now ready to expand into local markets all across the United States in partnership with local sponsor partners.  The goal is to bring Health and Wellness to local communities all across the country educating consumers about living healthy, early detection, while providing free and low cost health screenings and services daily. The Health & Wellmobile program also serves as massive health and wellness portal in the communities it serves.  Through continual collaboration and partnership, the Health & Wellmobile is a tool that brings all things health and wellness to the community in one place.  Through ongoing radio and online promotion of its services, calendar, partners and education, the Health & Wellmobile is a powerful force in the communities it serves.  In the end, their dream and mission is to motivate consumers to proactively take charge of their health and overall wellness in partnership with local businesses, charities, schools and consumers.

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