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What it is

The Kansas City Health & Wellmobile Program is a massive consumer education program designed to promote healthier living among your local community residents.  Important consumer healthcare issues are featured each month, and tie in with national, regional and local efforts to create awareness, as The Kansas City Health & Wellmobile Program travels around your surrounding communities.

The Wellmobile’s “tour stops” focus on educating consumers about living healthy, early detection, prevention and treatment issues.  Free and low-cost, non-invasive, health screens and scans are conducted at community events and local businesses throughout your community.  This unique annual screening and education program shows that your business cares about, and actively supports, community health care and wellness education throughout your community.

Why it works

As a Category Exclusive participating sponsor, or the Title Sponsor, of  your local Health & Wellmobile Program, your business is associated with an aggressive health related initiative that reaches out to the community on a daily basis while giving you access to hundreds and thousands of consumers, and potential new customers, all year long.  The Health & Wellmobile Program typically has category exclusive, non-competing sponsor partners, who participate in the program with the opportunity to provide and promote their services to hundreds of area businesses, and thousands of area consumers, throughout the year, as the Health & Wellmobile travels around the community.

The Health & Wellmobile appears at sponsor locations, community events, tie’s in with not-for-profit events and organizations, local employers and community events all year long, creating a massive “Tour Schedule.”  In addition, the Health & Wellmobile Program is promoted all year long through permission based lead generation data base and interactive website.

Just a few of the perks:

  • Ability to be physically present, or have representation at an estimated 400 to 600 annual “tour stops,” putting your business in front of thousands of local consumers per year.
  • Multiple custom pages within the robust Health & Wellmobile website that is fully SEO’d.  The website offers specific sponsor pages, multiple links to sponsors websites, with a very active blog, videos and online marketing campaign.
  • Full Time Health & Wellmobile Coordinator, credentialed with healthcare event marketing and sales expertise, who executes and coordinates all the details of the program and assists sponsors in execution and all the details around each “tour stop”..
  • Access to the custom Health & Wellmobile permission-based database App, generating data collection, lead generation and distribution of leads on a weekly basis..
  • Inclusion of your business in thousands of promotional commercials educating listeners about the Health & Wellmobile, screenings and scans provided, driving them to the upcoming “tour stops” and to healthwellmobile.com.
  • Access to hundreds of community events daily and all year long
  • Online – Health & Wellmobile logo and link to website on all station sites
  • Tie-In with local, regional and national health non-for-profits and charities throughout the year.

There is much more to discuss in detail… but this gives you a good start. Email or call us today to learn more, we look forward to meeting with you!

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