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1) Annual Partner Sponsor – Our Annual Partners logos are featured on our van. Many details about their businesses are featured on our website, social media platforms and all our marketing efforts year long. They are also featured during 100% of our event stops (over 350 per year), as well as have the ability to be on site with us during stops and much, much more.

2) Certified Partner – Our Certified Partners are smaller businesses that wish to be part of our program, but on a smaller scale or shorter time frame than a year. They are offered exposure at key stops within their business trade area along with an Official Wellmobile Certification to hang proudly at their business location.
3) Topic of the Month Partner – This partnership is available to any type of business as a very special month long only partnership. For example, a local business can sponsor “Men’s Health” month and receive Health & Wellmobile stops at their business or local community events of their choice, as well as attend special Men’s Health events with us during that month.
4) Event Partner – This partnership is used when a local event would like the Health & Wellmobile to attend their community or business event. This is 100% FREE.
5) Health & Wellness Fair Partner -This partnership is used when a business would like the Health & Wellmobile to provide services at their employer’s Health & Wellness Fair. We encourage folks to call us to better understand all the services we provide during these types of events and availability.
6) Non-for-Profit Partners – These are partnerships created with local NFP’s where the Health & Wellmobile is proud to share information about local charities, their services and events each day as part of what we do. We often will partner with the NFP to provide services to their volunteers and donors, as well as attend many of their events. This is 100% FREE!
7) Community Partner – This opportunity is for any business, charity or organization that has an existing Health & Wellness program that the Health & Wellmobile can help promote. This also is 100% FREE!
CONTACT – If your business or organization would like to hear more about the Health & Wellmobile capabilities or our services and benefits of being a partner, please call Liz at 312-545-4614 or email info@healthwellmobile.com.
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