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Licensed medical providers, sponsors or non-for-profit medical partners of the Health & Wellmobile provide all screenings, scans and health related services.

Is there a fee for services or do I need insurance? Do I need to RSVP to attend a “tour stop” or can I just show up?

Typically no, and no insurance is required, however there are some specialty tests and screenings that will be offered throughout the year that will require pre-registration and have a fee.

Who provides the services?

The Health & Wellmobile trained and certified staff provides the services along with help for sponsor partners that are experts in their field.

Where do I find the Health & Wellmobile? Is this program available yearlong?

Visit our website and enter your zip code. It will direct you to the next Health & Wellmobile tour stop and let you know what services are provided at that stop. It will also provide you a yearlong calendar of all event tour stops. Our website is www.healthwellmobile.com. Yes, the Health & Wellmobile is a yearlong program and will continue for many, many years to come.

Why are sponsors involved? And how can it help me?

Sponsors are involved in the Health & Wellmobile as they deeply care about the Health & Wellness of their local communities. They have a desire to help consumers learn about Health & Wellness, preventative treatment, as well as helping consumers to identify health issues early.

What if I have an event and would like to schedule the Health & Wellmobile to appear? Is there a cost? What if I’d like to become a sponsor?

We welcome you to contact us to schedule us to attend your event. We do not charge for appearances. If you’d like to become a sponsor we welcome you to reach out to us as well. In either case, please contact Rachel Garrison at rachel@healthwellmobile.com.

Who owns and operates the Health & Wellmobile?

Little Joe Inc, a Kansas City, MO-based company owns and operated the Health & Wellmobile

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