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Why Should I Get In Shape?

Why should I get in Shape?

Why Should I Get in Shape? If you consider cleaning your house once a week to be exercise, perhaps it’s time to hire a maid and spend that time playing tennis or basketball with your buddies. There are several benefits…

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Kansas City Is Fat!

Kansas City is Fat!

Are you overweight? Obese? Know the difference? The Kansas City Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A. Health & Wellmobile, seeks to provide preventative solutions and help those that are already at risk for obesity in Kansas and Missouri. In partnership with Wellness…

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How Is Your Health?

How is your Health?

  When was the last time you stopped to think about your health? How would you rate your personal health awareness? Is there room for improvement? A few keys to a healthy lifestyle is to exercise, eat a balanced diet,…

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